Ooh Myyy~

SO! I love cross-stitching. And I’m a geek. So I’ve decided to combine two things I love and make some geeky cross-stitched wall hangings and pillows and who knows what else! My head is over flowing with ideas, but I only have so much time to cross-stitch in!

This blog will follow my journey and catalog my projects and, possibly make me a little money! I’m looking to sell some pieces (once they are made) and I’m willing to take commissions however I’m waiting for my Super Secret Project™ to arrive in the mail so I can start working on that. It’s a present for a family member, so I won’t be posting it here until after I’ve completed it (just in case they find this blog. I don’t want to ruin the surprise)

Once my Super Secret Project™ arrives in the mail I have to finish it as quickly as possible, then I’ll start making things to sell!

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